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JSV(Job Seeker Verified) and JIGS(Jobsthrone Income Generation Scheme) is a program with great advantages to the Job Seeker these are :

The JSV Advantage :

The gains of becoming a Job Seeker Verified are :
1. Upload your CV to the Jobsthrone Cloud for the whole world to see.
2. Have the Jobsthrone Blog Team propergate your CV into the web and major Job portals : i.e www.jobberman.com, www.jobgurus.com, www.hotnigerianjobs.com etc every work day for 2 years!
3. Upload your Career Documents to the Jobsthrone Cloud
4. Career development classes with Microsoft Office Suite AND OTHERS! ______________________________________________________________________________________

The JIGS Advantage:

Under the Jobsthrone Income Generation Scheme(JIGS). The Jobseeker has two types of income generations :

Linear : - Register 1 - 40 other people (the 40 people belong to your 2nd Generation) each registration
in the 2nd generation adds N500 to your E-wallet. The Linear turns in a circle of 40 registrations each,that means you can register as many 40 people as you can.

Triangular : - Any person from your 1 - 40 (2nd Generation) people who registers another JSV under him/her using your VERIFICATION CODE. This covers 100 generation stages adding N200 per person to your E-wallet account before fadding and cash out!

NOTE : Every time your E-Wallet gets to a minimum of N1,000.00 you can apply to be paid.
Payments are made directly to your specified bank account.

**NOTE** Payment of N2000 must be deposited at GTBANK, Name of Account :
E-WEBIT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Acccount Number : 0127722738 and the teller
number inputed here.

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